Box Dimensions

Dimensions of a box is normally expressed as inside dimensions. It is crucial to have the three dimensions provided accurately and precisely.

Standards in U.S. corrugated flutes

Corrugated paper packaging has been widely used in the world.  Today, about 90% of all shipments in the world are made of corrugated paper packaging.  Most of the companies use Corrugated Boxes for transporting packages on wide variety of products, varying from foods and beverages, consumer-packed manufactured products, household appliances, computers and peripherals and industrial machinery to semi-bulk transports of various commodities in large bins.

The latest development on environment awareness to protect our living environment will enhance more demand on corrugated paper packaging because it is fully recyclable and environment friendly.

  • Designation*

    B Flute

    C Flute

    Per Linear Foot



    Thickness (in.)

    1/8 [3.18MM]

    5/32 [3.96MM]

    Cross Section


*Other specialized flute sizes, including K, F and N are less common but also available.

Our Graphic Design

By increasing demand on high quality print for the Boxes, we have invested in the most advanced Flexo graphic printing machine to fulfil the customers needs.  Our team is well trained on manufacturing and designing high quality printed boxes.  We may offer this knowledge to assist you on the graphic designs that you desire.